​Preparation of titanium plate for raw material supply status requirements

Titanium is a very active metal element that can interact with all elements. When heated, titanium can interact with oxygen to form an oxide film on its surface. The structure and properties of oxide films are different at different heating temperatures. The hot forming of titanium plate is more complicated, and the mechanical properties of each batch are different. In order to ensure the quality of materials, the manufacturer has prepared certificates and test reports.

Raw material supply requirements for titanium plate preparation

Primary deformation of titanium plate – rolled into plate in metallurgical plant, the performance of the repeatability is poor. The mechanical properties of domestic and foreign titanium plates with the same composition differ greatly. The performance of the plates produced by different factories in China will not be the same. Even if the products of a factory are manufactured with different furnace Numbers, their mechanical properties will be different. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of parts, the quality of raw materials should be ensured first. Titanium and titanium alloy sheet materials obtained from the storehouse shall be provided with the factory's ex-factory qualification certificate and the factory's re-inspection qualification certificate. The certificate of conformity shall be kept for easy verification in the future. When necessary, the workshop can make a record of the basic situation of each sheet metal manufacturing part for reference.

All plates are required to be supplied in annealed condition. In order to ensure the quality of parts, oxidation layer and other pollution should be removed from the surface of the plate. The surface of titanium plate shall be free from cracks, peeling, folding, inclusions and other defects, as well as the traces of pickling. Sheet material should be straight and wrapped paper out of storage. In the future blanking, forming, assembly, transportation and storage process, should pay attention to prevent surface scratches.

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