1.8V 10Gbit/s USB Type-C and DisplayPort 2.0 re-drivers

1.8V 10Gbit/s USB Type-C and DisplayPort 2.0 re-driversPI2DPX1066 and PI2DPX1217 are 4-to-4 devices for USB Type-C with 900mV max swing, and support DisplayPort for host CPUs with integrated USB – DisplayPort crossbar switches. Both have four modes:

  • SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps
  • SuperSpeed USB 20Gbps
  • SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps or 2-lane DP1.4/DP2.0 (UHBR10)
  • 4-lane DP1.4/DP2.0 (UHBR10)

Default output power-up mode is a USB bypass for PI2DPX1217 and high impedance (‘safe’) for PI2DPX1066

1.8V 10Gbit/s USB Type-C and DisplayPort 2.0 re-driversPI2DPX1263 is a 4-channel linear ReDriver for use in DP2.0 and DP1.4 based systems with 1.37V max swing. DisplayPort transmission modes supported include:

  • UHBR10 (DP2.0 10Gbit/s)
  • HBR3 (DP1.4 8.1Gbit/s)
  • HBR2 (DP1.2 5.4Gbit/s)
  • HBR (DP1.1 2.7Gbit/s)
  • RBR (DP1.0 1.62Gbit/s)

“These ReDrivers are transparent to channel link training and have low signal latency, enabling good signal integrity and system compatibility,” according to the company. “They have I2C programmable equalisation, flat gain and output swing linearity controls. These compensate for channel loss and remove jitter for a longer channel reach.”

Built-in AUX listeners, allow the devices to monitor DisplayPort traffic for automatic channel configuration and power saving.

Operation is across -40°C to +85°C. Packaging is 2.85 x 4.5 x 0.35mm 32pin TQFN.

Applications in smartphones, tablets, notebooks, desktops, docking stations, monitors and active cables are foreseen.

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