A brief introduction to stainless steel seamless tube

A brief introduction to stainless steel seamless tube

Stainless steel tube in the economy as a whole the application scope is extremely broad, big to the nuclear power station, ship tube, small to the kitchen utensils,Stainless steel tube is an important product of iron and steel industry.

What is stainless steel seamless tube?

Stainless steel seamless tube is a long piece of strip steel with a hollow section and no joints around it. The thicker the stainless steel seamless tube wall, the more economical and practical it is, the thinner the wall thickness,its processing cost will rise substantially.

General precision of seamless steel tube is low: uneven wall thickness,low brightness, high scale cost pipe appearance, and the iInside appearance still has hemp dot, black dot is not easy to remove. But seamless tube in the production process is more complex, its price is slightly expensive.

Because of its good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance,in high pressure and high strength material, mechanical structure reflects the Stainless steel tube. Stainless steel seamless tube is often used in engineering and large equipment as fluid pipelines, can also be used as power stations and other high temperature, high pressure fluid transport pipeline.

Stainless steel seamless tube main standard

ASTM A312(pipe)

ASTM A213(tube)

ASTM A269(tube)

ASTM A789(tube)

ASTM A790(pipe)

ASME B36.19(pipe)


Stainless steel seamless tube main standard Production process

round barrecheckprecision cuttingcenteringdescalingheatingperforationinspectiontrimmingacid washinginspectionlubrication bakingcold drawing/cold rollingheat treatmentstraighteningbutt cuttingacid washing/passivatingfinal examinationidentificationpackingshipment

Stainless steel seamless tube products:

ASTM A269 Stainless Steel Seamless Tube

1/4”Stainless Steel Seamless tubing

ASTM A213 TP304 Seamless Tube

TP316L Bright Annealed Seamless Tube 

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