Advantages and Disadvantages of Hot Runner Systems

There are several positive aspects in employing hot runner mold rather than a cold runner mold. A wide range of the most apparent types shows up beneath:
There’s no runner system being taken from the tool.
Without having cold runner to be cooled off, there exists a faster cycle time.
Mold opening stroke is decreased.
Charge for holding and regrinding runners will be reduced.
Chance of material infection is less because zero reground material is needed.
Gates could be with less difficulty.
Hot runner diameters could be bigger than cold runners; therefore decrease shot pressures works extremely well.
Cooling periods tend to be decreased.
Much better component quality may be possible thanks to a much more continuous cyclc.
A lot more cavities can be utilized, seeing that significantly less shot force is required.
Smaller sized shot weight indicates quicker metering times and shot periods.
Reduced shot pressure shows that small equipment may be used.
These are generally solid advantages for utilizing hot runner mold however, these moulds usually are much more costly than similar cold runner moulds. Because of this they can be commonly employed for big amounts with a minimum of 500 000 components however, extremely, smaller amounts can be made.
The particular disadvantages usually are very few hut worthy of bringing up:
24-hour performance becomes necessary for max cost effective construction.
Heat-sensitive materials may be hard to process.
Gate blockages could be frustrating and expensive to remedy.
Full hot runner techniques currently have nearly generally replaced the older insulated runner styles in which substantial quantity manufacturing is necessary. With simply small design adjustments you’ll be able to get significantly better temperature control, significantly less pressure lose, and better quality of components of custom injection molded plastics.

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