Aluminum alloy engine cylinder head tappet reaming

Due to the complex structure and advanced technology of the engine, the manufacture of its parts has always attracted attention.

When the cylinder tappet hole is widened, the service life of the reamer is troubled by the production technicians. Figure 2 shows the structure of the tappet hole on the cylinder head. UNIMERCO, through close cooperation with a domestic automobile company, successfully developed a new type of precision reamer for processing tappet holes of light alloy engine cylinder heads. Effectively solve the above problems.

The UNIMERCO reamer has a spiral structure with two cutting edges and six guide bars.

Practice has proved that this product not only solves the burr problem, but also has significantly improved its general cutting parameters compared with other PCD tools.

The roughing allowance on one side is 0.35 mm.

Finishing speed n=10000r/min;

Feed speed Fn=3200mm/min;

The reverse feed rate is 6000 mm/min. The service life before grinding reaches 150,000 holes, and a mirror effect with almost no burrs can be obtained.

Compared with the original cutting parameters of automobile company Fn=1800mm/min and Fz=0.045, the service life is about 70,000 holes, which is a significant improvement in efficiency.

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