Analysis of geothermal heat pump operating costs and management and application methods

Abstract: In addition to environmental protection features, geothermal heat pumps also have obvious energy-saving advantages. This article mainly introduces the geothermal heat pump operating cost analysis and management operation mode, discusses the geothermal heat pump and the current heating method (centralized boiler room heating, thermal power plant heating, gas boiler room heating, household gas heating), just one time Analysis and comparison of investment and operating costs. Key words: circulating pump water pump operating cost
1. Heat pump operating costs In addition to environmental protection, geothermal heat pumps have obvious energy-saving advantages. The following will combine geothermal heat pumps with the current heating methods (centralized boiler room heating, thermal power plant heating, gas boiler room heating, household gas Heating), analyze and compare the one-time investment, operating cost, etc.
Among them: electricity price 0.5 yuan/(KW.h), natural gas price 2.0 yuan/m3, coal price 300 yuan/t, tap water 3.2 yuan/t, geothermal water price (this project considers recharge, so geothermal water fee will not be considered for the time being ). The heating time is 145 days/year.
Table 1 is a comparison table of energy consumption and operating costs. Among them, energy consumption only includes the fuel cost of the main equipment, and the operating cost only includes fuel and depreciation (equipment is depreciated for 20 years). According to the actual situation of the project, the geothermal water temperature is relatively high, so the geothermal water can be used for 95 days in the early and late cold period to be directly supplied after plate exchange. The heat pump is not activated, and the heat pump peak shaving is activated for heating in the other 50 days.
2. Ground

Heat pump operating fee at full load: 834 yuan/day

2.6 Hot water consumption    the annual average load is calculated as 35W/㎡, the average consumption of geothermal water during the heating period is: 17.5t/h, the daily consumption is 420t/h, and the total consumption during the heating period is: 60900t/a
The cost of geothermal water extraction is calculated at 1 KW.H per ton of water, the recharge is calculated at 1.5 KW.H, and the electricity fee is 0.5 yuan/KW.H. The cost of geothermal water extraction and recharge is calculated.
3. The operating cost of the system circulation pump and other water pumps is estimated to be: 10KW
Daily: 240KW.H, daily electricity fee: 120 yuan
Total heating season: 34800KW.H, electricity cost: 17,400 yuan
4. Operating staff salary    is calculated by two persons, the monthly salary per person is 500 yuan, and the total salary during the heating period is: 5,000 yuan

Equivalent per square meter is: 8.76 yuan/year, if the heating cost is 18 yuan/square meter. The annual calculation includes a profit of 9.24 yuan/year, and the annual profit is 147,840 yuan.
The network access fee of 30 yuan/㎡ can be charged 480,000 yuan, plus the heating profit of 148,000 yuan in the first year,
A total of 628,000 yuan can basically solve the initial investment problem except for the recharge well.
In actual implementation, the heating cost of the current year can be collected in advance, or 50% can be collected in advance. This can greatly alleviate the pressure of initial investment.
The recommended executable method is: package the total project into an initial investment of about 1 to 1.2 million yuan, charge a certain network access fee from the industrial and commercial training center (as long as it is less than 6 tons of coal-fired boilers), and sign a network access fee with him. Agreements that have been used for several years (such as 15 years), because coal-fired boilers have to be completely scrapped for 15 years or so. Such conditions are estimated to be acceptable to users.
Even if you don’t consider who will bear the initial investment, the operation management can also use the now widely popular method of package burning. The initial method of the pilot project of the industrial and commercial training center will directly affect all future users. Once the model and charging standards are established, it will not be difficult to make major adjustments.
The charging standards in various regions can be sorted and summarized by someone. For example, Xi’an is 15.4 yuan/㎡.year, 115 days, Tianjin is 15 yuan/㎡.year, 120 days, Beijing’s central heating is 24 yuan/㎡.year, 130 sky. According to Xi’an or Tianjin standards (0.1339 yuan/㎡.day and 0.125 yuan/㎡.day respectively), Anshan charges 18-19 yuan/㎡. Years are also well-documented.

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