Analyze the market situation of auto maintenance equipment from the purchase behavior of cleaning machines

Cars “three points are under repair and seven points are under maintenance”. With the deepening of the concept of “repair by maintenance”, in order to improve the long-term operating efficiency of power system engines, many maintenance companies are equipped with engine cleaning equipment for regular maintenance of cars. In addition, as the automotive maintenance industry standards have become more and more complete, the engine fuel system cleaning machine has been included in the prerequisites for the opening of automobile maintenance companies, so the engine cleaning equipment market has also flourished in recent years. All kinds of disassembly-free cleaning machines, air intake system cleaning equipment and fuel injector inspection cleaning machines have entered the market in large numbers, forming a wide variety of market situations with different functions. At present, large and medium-sized repair shops, automobile 4S shops, and small auto repair workshops present a mixed situation, and the required equipment is also of different specifications, so we will analyze the purchase behavior of engine cleaning equipment for these.
Maintenance* The commonly used engine cleaning equipment mainly includes three categories: no-disassembly cleaning equipment, air intake system cleaning equipment, and injector inspection cleaning equipment. Different companies may have their own different needs according to business conditions.
1. General repair shop mainly for gasoline vehicles
For ordinary repair shops that mainly repair gasoline vehicles, most of the business is ordinary or relatively simple troubleshooting, and there are more disassembly-free cleaning businesses, so you can consider engine-free cleaning machines. The prices of domestically-made machines are mostly between 1000-5000 yuan, such as Zhongshan Double Eagle, Zhuhai’s Great White Shark, etc.; of course, if the gasoline and diesel vehicles to be repaired are equal, you can purchase a dual-use gasoline and diesel-free cleaning machine , The price is about ten thousand.
2. Car maintenance shop focusing on quick repair and maintenance business
For maintenance shops that focus on quick repair and maintenance services, since most of their businesses are quick repairs, in terms of service speed and input and output, you can purchase air intake system cleaning equipment.
3. Large maintenance companies or 4S shops with many maintenance models
For large maintenance companies or 4S shops with many maintenance models, car failures are more difficult and the maintenance items are large, so the injector detection and cleaning machine must be equipped.
In addition to considering the scope of maintenance business, companies must also consider some of their own circumstances. According to the power supply or air supply configuration, they should choose appropriate cleaning equipment. For the disassembly-free cleaning machine, there are mainly two types: pneumatic and electric, each with its own characteristics. Pneumatic non-disassembly cleaning machine is safe and reliable, and the price is relatively low; it has a price advantage compared with electric non-disassembly cleaning machine, but it must be matched with an air compressor, so it is also subject to certain restrictions. The electric non-disassembly cleaning machine, especially the cleaning machine that uses the battery as the power source, is less restricted by the work site, the cycle pressure is relatively stable during work, and the cleaning effect is relatively better. The air intake system cleaning equipment generally uses the vacuum of the engine during operation and the gravity of the cleaning agent itself as the power source, so it is not restricted by the hardware facilities of the maintenance company. Injector inspection and cleaning machine, due to the disassembly and inspection of the injector during operation, there is no need to make special requirements for the power supply and air source of the workshop.
In short, automobile maintenance companies should choose washing machines according to their actual conditions, otherwise it will cause unnecessary waste and affect the normal operation of the company.

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