Application of medical titanium bar

As an important branch of materials science, medical titanium bar is a new carrier material with high technical content and high economic value, which is used for diagnosis, treatment or replacement of human tissues, organs or enhancement of their functions. Biomedical titanium bar material to explore the mysteries of human life, to ensure human health and longevity to make a greater contribution.

In biomedical metal materials, titanium and titanium alloy with excellent comprehensive performance, become artificial joints (hip, knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow, wrist, knuckles, etc.), bone trauma products (nails, steel plates, screws, etc.) and orthopaedic spine internal fixation system, braces, tooth orthopaedic silk, dental implants, artificial heart valve, interventional cardiovascular stents and other medicinal plant products in the material of choice. At present, there is no better metal material than titanium alloy for clinical use. In developed countries and the world famous implant product suppliers are attaches great importance to the research and development of titanium alloy, launched a series of new medical titanium alloy material, including bionic bioactive titanium alloy material, surface treatment in the medical titanium alloy material has also done a lot of design and development of proprietary, giving medical titanium alloy material better biological activity to meet the body's physiological needs, so as to achieve the purpose of make the patients recover at an early date.

Lift for example cheekbone plastic surgery, use titanium nail, titanium plate is fixed in order to cheekbone will not cause slip, cause facial contour loss, but also better to achieve cheekbone plastic effect! The great advantage of this kind of surgery is that it leaves no scars, no scars. In this way, the entire facial contour and shape can be changed to the maximum extent, even allowing the patient to achieve the effect of "transformation".

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