Automatic lathe 6063,7075 Aluminum alloy casing

Material: 7075 aluminum alloy
Services: Automatic lathes, drills, reamers, taps, screw dies, knurling
Delivery time: 12 days

Conventional Surface Treatment of Aluminum Alloys: Plasma Reinforced Ceramic Aluminum Profile

Aluminum profile of matte fabric:
The aluminum profile of the matte fabric avoids the drawbacks of light interference caused by the bright aluminum profile under certain conditions in architectural decoration. Its surface is as delicate and soft as Nishikori, which is very popular on the market. However, it can be seen that the existing matte material has to overcome the non-uniformity of the surface roughness and lacks the mold pattern.
Multitone Surface Treatment Aluminum Profile:
Currently, the monotonous silver white and tongue can no longer meet the good cooperation between the architect’s exterior wall tiles and exterior latex. New stainless steel colors, champagne, gold, titanium, red (burgundy, maroon, black, purple) plus stained glass add a decorative effect. These profiles must be chemically or mechanically polished and oxidized to give good results.

Electrophoretic coating aluminum profile:
Electrophoretic paints have a soft, smooth surface that resists the erosion of cement and mortar acid rain. 90% of Japanese aluminum profiles are electrophoretically painted.

Powder electrostatic spray aluminum profile:
The powder electrostatic spray profile has excellent corrosion resistance. Acid and alkali resistant salt sprays are much better than oxidized colors.

Plasma-enhanced electrochemical surface ceramic aluminum profile:
This aluminum profile is the most advanced processing technology in the world today. This aluminum product is of high quality but high cost. There are more than 20 different shades, and the biggest feature is that it can be colored like calico as needed. The aluminum surface is brightly colored and has a great decorative effect.

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