Best Silicone Mold FDA Standard For Making Flower Cakes

Do you like novelty cake pans & shaped cake pans?silicone mold in flower shape is a must have cake baking mold for most home baking lovers.Common metal cake molds and pans we are usually used are square, rectangle or round shape. Though there also are special shapes metal baking pan mold, but their types are still less.Silicone cake baking molds, unlike metal cake molds, they are well know by their colorful colors & funny shapes. You can find silicone material molds with bright colors and creative shapes easily on supermarket or baking tool stores.Here are several anti-stick flower shape silicone mold for baking cake will be introduced as below:01. Silicone Rose Flower Cupcake MoldsSize: Different sizes(7cm, 5cm, 3cm)
MOQ: 3000 pcs. This silicone mold is suit for making cupcakes and muffin or rose flower shape pastry. It can also be used to make funny flower shape ice cubes if it is needed.02.Silicone Mould Flower Shape For Making Cup CakeThis single flower cake mold can be customized colors. And the MOQ of this mold is also 3000 pcs. It can not only be used as a muffin cups but also a good tool for making flower shape pastery.
03.Flower Cake Soap MoldsThe last flower cake mold I'd like to introduce you is a 6 cavity silicone mold for making cake or soap or moon cake.Its size id 26.5 * 16.5 cm(10.4*6.5 inch).All of these silicone molds here are made of FDA standard silicone rubber. They are BPA free and will not release toxic substance in high temperature or low temperature.

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