Canon Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Cinema EOS System

On November 4, 2021, Canon*1 announced the tenth anniversary of its Cinema EOS system, which includes professional digital cinema cameras and lenses developed for the film and television production industry. Since its launch, the Cinema EOS line of products has received strong support from professional filmmakers around the world.


Canon Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Cinema EOS System

EOS C500 Mark II (left) and EOS C300 Mark III digital cinema cameras

In 2011, both film and digital equipment were widely used in the film production industry. With the development of digitization, digital cinema cameras equipped with large-format sensors equivalent to Super 35mm have become the mainstream of the industry. In such a large environment, Canon launched the Cinema EOS system with its accumulation of imaging technology and optical technology, officially entering the film and television production industry.

When developing equipment such as cameras and lenses for the film and television production industry market, it is essential to have the support of relevant industry professionals. Since the release of Canon’s first digital cinema camera (EOS C300/EOS C300 PL) and lens (CN-E14.5-60mm T 2.6LS/CN-E14.5-60mm T 2.6L SP) in November 2011, Canon has We have been listening to the feedback of the first-line professional users in the field of film and television production on equipment performance, ease of use and recording style, and have been committed to developing products with design and ergonomics, so that the shooting style and visual expression meet the needs of professionals people’s requests.

Canon continues to expand the boundaries of visual expression and realize the development of equipment with constantly improving technology. Canon’s first Cinema EOS movie camera, the EOS C300, was equipped with a CMOS sensor, enabling video reproduction comparable to 35mm film, and was awarded a Technology and Engineering Emmy by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) in 2012 prize? . In addition, Canon’s cine lenses have won high marks in the market for their excellent optical performance such as 4K compatibility and also won another Technology and Engineering Emmy in 2017? .

At present, Canon Cinema EOS systems have been widely used in film and film production and other fields. In 2018, the work “Free Solo” (Chinese name “Freedom Rock Climbing”), which won the Academy Award for Best Documentary in the United States, was shot using a Canon digital cinema camera EOS C300 Mark II (released in September 2015) and 8 cine lenses. In addition, the system was honored at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2020, where the Canon EOS C300 and EOS were used in ACAS? Shot on the C100 Mark II (released in December 2014).

With the rapid development of the film production industry, Canon will continue to invest in new technologies to meet the ever-increasing and diverse needs of users with more abundant products. Hiroto Okawara, Executive Director, Imaging Solutions Division II, Canon Inc., said: “I am very honored to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Cinema EOS system, which is inseparable from the support and help of everyone in the film production industry, allowing us to enter Hollywood and go all the way. Since its development, we will invest more technology and research and development in the Cinema EOS system to help practitioners in the film and television production industry shoot their ideal images and excellent works with better professional equipment.”

Comment from David Klein, Member of the American Society of Cinematographers and user of the Cinema EOS system

I’ve been using Canon cameras and lenses since I could press the shutter, and I’ve been using Canon film gear for almost 10 years. We rely on it for a series of excellent performances such as sharpness, detailed picture quality, operability, reliability and so on. Since 2013, every product in the Canon EOS-1D C and EOS C300 series has been my secret weapon, helping me shoot all the pictures I want. Congratulations to the 10th anniversary of the Cinema EOS system, and we look forward to the next decade together.

Cinema EOS System Lineup

The Canon Cinema EOS system was born in 2011. With the advantages of R&D and production of key equipment such as CMOS image sensors, image processing platforms, and interchangeable lenses, the Cinema EOS system currently has 13 digital cinema cameras and 30 cinema lenses*2. an extensive product line. In addition to digital cinema cameras and lenses, the system is also compatible with Canon EOS series RF and EF lenses, helping to support a wide variety of visual expressions for creators in different fields.


Canon Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Cinema EOS System

Canon Cinema EOS System Lineup

*1 For the convenience of readers’ understanding, Canon in this article may refer to: Canon (China) Co., Ltd., Canon Co., Ltd., Canon brand, etc.

*2 As of November 4, 2021. Cine lenses do not include a mount adapter (EF-EOS R 0.71?).

Canon Group Introduction

Canon has been in business since 1937. Adhering to the corporate philosophy of “Symbiosis”, Canon aims to create world-class products and continues to develop towards diversification and globalization. At present, Canon’s business is centered on optical technology, covering a wide range of fields such as office products, imaging system products, medical system products, industrial equipment and other products. The group headquarters in Tokyo is closely linked with regional headquarters in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Japan, and has built a management system that combines globalization and localization. In 1996, Canon launched the “Global Excellence Conglomerate Concept” with the goal of serving society with technology and becoming a trusted and respected company worldwide.

(Data as of July 2021)

Introduction of Canon (China) Co., Ltd.

Canon’s business in China began in the 1970s. From the initial technical cooperation to the establishment of a wholly-owned factory to the establishment of a sales company, it has experienced the exploration of various business models. In March 1997, Canon (China) Co., Ltd. was established to be fully responsible for Canon’s sales in the Chinese market. After years of hard work, 13 branches including the three regional headquarters in North China, East China and South China, as well as exhibition halls, quick repair centers, quick service stations, etc., have been basically built, forming a nationwide sales and service network. The current business scope covers imaging system products, office products, industrial equipment and intelligent IT solutions and other fields, and is constantly expanding new businesses that meet the needs of Chinese consumers. Canon (China) is deeply rooted in the Chinese market and is committed to becoming a company trusted and respected by the Chinese people.

(Data as of July 2021)

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