Capacitors designed for long life and low dielectric losses

New Yorker Electronics now offers the ASC X382 (Three Phase) capacitors, constructed with very high quality metallised polypropylene film, created for long life, low dielectric losses, higher RMS current ratings, and low ESR. The capacitors are filled with ASC soft gel or biodegradable vegetable-based oil intended to provide excellent thermal conductivity to help decrease internal heating and increase the life of the capacitor. The capacitor is included with internal UL recognised fusing mechanisms that interrupt when the pressure reaches a tested level.

The Three-Phase capacitance range is 3 x 8uF to 3 x 233uF, its voltage range is 240VAC to 850VAC. Its construction comprises a sealed aluminium can with an M12 stud and the gel or oil fill. It is UL Approved to 10000AFC for voltages up to 620Vrms. The gel-filled provides the same protections as oil-filled but may be mounted in any direction.

Applications for this capacitor include three-phase filtering and power factor correction.

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