Casting Truck Parts Brake Drum 43207-90118A for Nissan

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: 43207-90118a

  • casting Method: Directional Crystallization

  • Application: Machinery Parts

  • Material: Iron

  • Surface Roughness: Ra0.8

  • Certification: SGS, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008

  • Color-1: Red, Black Et

  • Technology: Casting

  • Qty/Pallet: 24PCS

  • Material-1: Ht250

  • Delivery Way: by Sea

  • Specification: pcs

  • HS Code: 8708309500

  • Type: Clay Dry Sand

  • Sand Core Type: Sodium Silicate Sand Core

  • Machining: Boring Machine

  • Surface Treatment: Spray-Paint

  • Standard: AISI

  • Size: OEM or Accroding to Drawings

  • Surface Treatment-1: Paint-Coating

  • Craft: Sand Casting or Precoated Sand

  • Car Make: BPW

  • Pallet Size: 90*90 100*100cm

  • Trademark: BOSSA OR MST

  • Origin:  China

    Product Description

    Casting truck parts brake drum 43207-90118a for Nissan

    Materia:  iron
    Technolggy: Casting
    Kilometers: more than 100,000 kilometers.

    Mainly Casting products: Brake shoe ,  Brake drum, brake disc, wheel hub,  casing, Axle casing, and Axle,
    Gear box casing, various of casting covers for trucks , tractors, exacavators etc, such as , Benz, Scanian,Mann, Ievco, Dafa,Hino Nissan, Mistsubish, Hyundai, , Cat, Komatsu, Terex etc.

    Note: All the cast iron products we could produce according to OEM NO samples or drawings.

    Tousands of cast iron brake moulds in our factory. That mainly used for Benz Man, Nissan, Hino Mitsubish, Dafa ,Kamz,Ievco BPW  etc, and some of our products used for tractors excavators.

    OEM NO , Samples and drawings are all ok. We could produce

    MOQ 50-100PCS
    Delivery time Usually 15-20 days
    Payment items T/T etc
    L/C at sight, west union are acceptable
    Packing Standard exported packing
    Pallet or wood cartons
    Certificate SGS ISO etc

    Material in our factory below:

    Country Gray iron
    China HT350 HT300 HT250 HT200 HT150 HT100
    Japan FC350 FC300 FC250 FC200 FC150 FC100
    America NO.60 NO.50 NO.45 NO.35 NO.30 NO.20
    Russia C40 C35 C30 C25 C20 C15 C10
    Germany GG40 GG35 GG30 GG25 GG20 GG15
    Italy G35 G30 G25 G20 G15 G10
    France FGL400 FGL350 FGL300 FGL250 FGL200 FGL150
    England 350 300 250 200 150 100
    Poland Z140 Z135 Z130 Z125 Z120 Z115
    India FG400 FG350 FG300 FG260 FG200 FG150
    Romania FC400 FC350 FC300 FC250 FC200 FC150
    Spain FG35 FG30 FG25 FG20 FG15
    Bulgaria FGG40 FGG35 FGG30 FGG25 FGG20 FGG15 FGG10
    Australia T400 T350 T300 T260 T220 T150
    Sweden O140 O135 O130 O125 O120 O115 O110
    Hungary OV40 OV35 OV30 OV25 OV20 OV15
    Bulgaria Vch35 Vch30 Vch25 Vch20 Vch15
    (ISO) 350 300 250 200 150 100
    (COPANT) FG400 FG350 FG300 FG250 FG200 FG150 FG100
    Netherland GG35 GG30 GG25 GG20 GG15
    Luxembourg FGG40 FGG35 FGG30 FGG25 FGG20 FGG15
    Austria GG35 GG30 GG25 GG20 GG15
    Country Nodular cast iron
    China QT400-18 QT450-10 QT500-7 QT600-3 QT700-2 QT800-2 QT900-2
    Japan FCD400 FCD450 FCD500 FCD600 FCD700 FCD800
    America 60-40-18 65-45-12 70-50-05 80-60-03 100-70-03 120-90-02
    Russia B40 B45 B50 B60 B70 B80 B100
    Germany GGG40 GGG50 GGG60 GGG70 GGG80
    Italy GS370-17 GS400-12 GS500-7 GS600-2 GS700-2 GS800-2
    France FGS370-17 FGS400-12 FGS500-7 FGS600-2 FGS700-2 FGS800-2
    England 400/17 420/12 500/7 600/7 700/2 800/2 900/2
    Poland ZS3817 ZS4012 ZS4505 ZS6002 ZS7002 ZS8002 ZS9002
    India SG370/17 SG400/12 SG500/7 SG600/3 SG700/2 SG800/2
    Romania FGN70-3
    Spain FGE38-17 FGE42-12 FGE50-7 FGE60-2 FGE70-2 FGE80-2
    Belgium FNG38-17 FNG42-12 FNG50-7 FNG60-2 FNG70-2 FNG80-2
    Australia 300-17 400-12 500-7 600-3 700-2 800-2
    Sweden 0717-02 0727-02 0732-03 0737-01 0864-03
    Hungary GV38 GV40 GV50 GV60 GV70
    Bulgaria 380-17 400-12 450-5 600-2 700-2 800-2 900-2
    (ISO) 400-18 450-10 500-7 600-3 700-2 800-2 900-2
    (COPANT) FMNP45007 FMNP55005 FMNP65003 FMNP70002
    Finland GRP400 GRP500 GRP600 GRP700 GRP800
    Netherland GN38 GN42 GN50 GN60 GN70
    Luxembourg FNG38-17 FNG42-12 FNG50-7 FNG60-2 FNG70-2 FNG80-2
    Austria SG38 SG42 SG50 SG60 SG70

    1.Are you factory?
    Yes, Our factory located in Ningbo.
    2.What is it your mainly products?
    We mainly produce Brake shoe , Brake drum, brake disc, wheel hub,  casing, Axle casing, and Axle,Gear box casing, various of casting covers , supports.

    3.Can you produce others products?
    Yes, All the cast iron products just have sample or drawings we could produce.
    From 0.5kg-500kg, all the cast iron we could produce. Each year, 70000 tons cast iron products leave our factory and different city of China and overseas.
    4.Do you just produce the cast iron material?
    No, we could produce cast iron, stainless steel, steel etc.
    5.Do you have your own casting factory?
    Yes, we have, that is why our price so competive in the market.
    6.Do you have strictly test and inspection for the products before leave the factory?
    Yes, before the products leave factory, For our quality control deparment will inspect the products.
    7.How many workers in your facotry?
    90 workers in our factory.  17 technicist, 2 engineer. 1 senior engineer.

    Welcome inqury, We will provide 24 hours service for you.

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