Causes of punch leaks

The reason for the air leak of the punch

If the punch is leaking under normal working conditions, it will affect our normal use. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety and efficiency of the product, we need to do inspection and maintenance work, and the cause of the air leak There are many kinds of things. When we deal with it, we must find the root cause. Next, let’s briefly understand the specific reasons.

  • 1. The balancer (lining material, pressure regulating valve) failureTreatment method: Check whether there is air leakage above and below the balancer cylinder. If so, please replace the balancer lining.
  • 2. Pneumatic piping problems (broken and broken trachea, quick connector)Treatment method: Check whether the air pipe joints are aging or damaged. Yes, replace the connector.
  • 3. Die cushion problemSolution: Check whether the airbag is ruptured and leaking.
  • 4. OVER LOAD failureTreatment method: disassemble and check whether the internal lining material is damaged. If yes, update the lining.
  • 5. The punch filter leaks airSolution: Check whether the filter oil cup is broken.
  • 6. Solenoid valve (internal gasket) failureSolution: Check whether the solenoid valve is stuck by foreign objects.

After the air leak occurs in the punch, we need to eliminate the possible causes of the failure one by one, and then deal with the equipment in a timely and correct manner according to the impact of the failure. Of course, it would be great if we can find and avoid it as early as possible. Yes, I hope everyone can improve the daily maintenance and repair work.


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