Cervical Ripening Balloon Procedure

What is a cervical ripening balloon?
 A cervical ripening balloon is simple to use and low-risk in most people.A Foley bulb induction is a method for inducing labor. It involves inserting a Foley catheter into the cervix to help it dilate so that the baby can pass through the birth canal.
A Foley catheter is a long, rubber tube with an inflatable balloon on one end that a doctor can fill with air or sterile water.
When the balloon inflates inside the cervix, it puts pressure on the cervical cells, helping it dilate and increasing the tissue’s response to oxytocin and prostaglandins.
Oxytocin and prostaglandins are hormones that help to promote labor.
A Foley bulb induction is a safe procedure. There is no evidence of increased risks for infection. Serious complications for the woman and baby are also rare.
There are advantages and disadvantages to this approach, so people should thoroughly discuss the decision to have a Foley bulb induction with their doctor.
The benefits of using a Foley bulb induction include that it is:
• low-cost
• low-risk in most people
• simple to use
• widely available

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Does cervical ripening balloon hurt?
Claire Holt Reveals That She Was Induced Using a Foley Balloon for Birth of Son James
Holt said her doctors decided to use a Foley balloon to help put pressure on her cervix and speed up her dilation. “They insert the balloon and blow it up once it’s inside and it’s obviously supposed to help you dilate,” she said. “The placing of it was not painful. It was a little uncomfortable, but it just felt like a regular pelvic exam.”

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How to use cervical ripening balloon?
Step1 Insert the cervical ripening balloon from cervix uteri, make the both balloons are into cervical canal.
Step2  Inject 40ml normal saline to the marked “U” balloon, after injecting, pull this balloon back to the uterus.

Step3  At this time you can see the marked “V” balloon is outside of cervix uteri, then inject 20ml normal saline to
this balloon. 

Step4 After the both balloons are in the two sides of cervix uteri, then add not more than 80ml normal saline to these both balloons, Timing after the both balloons are totally inserted in the right position, the balloons can not be kept inside more than 12 hours before inducing into the childbirth active phase.



Our cervical ripening balloon Features

1. Safe cervical dilation without using medicine
2. Shorten stages of labor and improve the security of delivery,

silicone balloon catheter in line with the contour of cervix, 

Reduce the rate of cesarean delivery

3.Shorten the process of birth, reduce the pain of parturition

4.Medical grade material ensures the highest level of safety

5.Obvious effect on promoting the cervix ripening

6.Ripens and dilates the cervix without pharmaceuticals

7.Silicone body material eliminates the issue of patient sensitively to latex




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