Choosing the right lights is essential for safe car driving

After two years of blowout growth, the auto market has calmed down this year. People’s concept of buying and using cars has become more rational. According to a new survey conducted by an authoritative organization *, among the various performances of *cars that have received attention, safety has surpassed the traditional focus of car purchase and use such as power and appearance, and has risen to the top of the list together with price.

High-strength car structure, bumper, car body steel plate thickness, number of airbags, etc. can reduce damage to the lowest level in the event of a vehicle accident. ABS anti-lock, braking force distribution (EBD, etc.), brake assist (EBA, etc.), traction control (ASR, etc.), body stability control (ESP, etc.) these active safety features have all become the focus of attention of users. However, when everyone is concerned about the safety equipment of these vehicles, it is likely that they have overlooked the role of automotive lighting in safety.

Many people seem to have only noticed the decoration and fashion of car lights, and even more so, they interpret car lights with the view that they can be bright. They ignore the huge effect of car lights on safe driving. Data from Osram, known as a German lighting expert, shows that 60% of traffic accidents occur at night, and 22% of traffic accidents occur when the driver’s vision is unclear. We must know that automotive lighting plays a very active role in driving safety. Its task is to prevent problems before they happen, so that you can see hidden dangers during night driving to avoid traffic accidents. Therefore, whether the vehicle has a good lighting effect should also become a part of our concern about the safety of the vehicle.

In terms of buying car lights, Osram puts forward some suggestions for car friends to buy car lights for your reference. The most important point is: try to choose the original car lights, that is, what brand your car is used when it leaves the factory. If you want to upgrade and replace the car lights, try to choose the same brand of car lights. In this way, there is no problem in matching, and more importantly, the quality will be guaranteed. In addition to joint venture products in the current automotive lighting market, there are also products from unlicensed and unlicensed small workshops. Different grades of products are almost the same from the appearance, but there is a big gap in market prices, and the quality is even more uneven. It is difficult for ordinary consumers to see the mystery. However, it is not difficult for an insider to see that the filament positioning of counterfeit and inferior car lights is not accurate, causing the light to be very uneven, scattered, or very dazzling. This not only causes the driver’s vision to be unclear during driving, and the road surface cannot be seen in time, but also the glare will make the opposing driver’s vision blind spot when meeting the car at night, which often leads to traffic accidents.

In addition, most drivers only replace the light bulb when the light bulb is broken. In fact, the brightness of the car light attenuates with the increase of the service life. If the light is not replaced in time, the risk of accident will be closer and closer to us. Therefore, once it is found that the lighting can no longer meet the driving needs, it is necessary to actively replace the car light bulbs to ensure driving safety. Only car lights that illuminate farther and clearer can help drivers discover potential safety hazards in time and take measures to bring a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

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