Cleaning of the punch

Punch press is a kind of heavy-duty machining equipment. If it is used for a long time, oil pollution will occur. If it is not cleaned in time, it will reduce the working efficiency of the punch. Here is how to clean the punch.

  • 1. Cleaning is for dust on machinery. We use brushes to clean and sweep the punch. This method seems very simple, but we should pay attention that they all exist here. , Especially the 90 degree angle, we must clean it, only in this way can we ensure that it will not cause the failure of the punch when it is used again, and it will not cause undesirable structural changes in the product in production. The oil stain on the surface of the punch uses a cleaning agent, which is specially used for cleaning the surface of the equipment, which is more efficient in removing oil stains and does not damage the paint. The parts can be cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning with grease cleaner.
  • 2. After cleaning the 63 tons of deep-throat punches, do not rush to pack them up or put them in boxes, but place them in the sun or in a dry place for drying and drying, so as to ensure Renewal, of course, we can also give them a better maintenance effect, so that they always show a smooth and sharp effect.
  • 3. Anti-rust oil is applied to the front and back of the lower mold and the mold mouth on the 63-ton deep-throat press.

The above is the introduction of the cleaning method of the punch. Try to follow the above steps during the cleaning process to avoid the occurrence of oil pollution and improve the working efficiency of the equipment.

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