Coolant battery replacement and maintenance points

When to change the car coolant?

Car coolant can be regarded as a more durable thing in cars, but have you ever known about car coolant? Do you know when to change the car coolant? If you don’t know, then continue to read the car coolant replacement guide provided by the editor.

Automobile coolant will decline in performance during normal use and lose its protective effect. Generally, it needs to be replaced every two years. In addition, some car owners replace car coolant with tap water in summer. Once the temperature drops sharply, it will affect the normal operation of the car’s cooling system. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the tap water in the radiator or the old car coolant with new antifreeze in time during the alternate season of autumn and winter.

It can be seen that the replacement of car coolant is quite similar to that of engine oil, but the replacement cycle is much longer. But don’t ignore the car coolant, so as to avoid serious injury to the car.

How to maintain the battery

The battery is like the human liver, which is responsible for the regulation and realization of the functions of various parts of the body. The same is true for car batteries, which provide guarantees for the use of exterior lights and interior lights, car audio, car TV, and car CD. Therefore, car batteries are a prerequisite for your comfortable and safe driving. So how do we maintain our batteries?

frequently start the vehicle

Do not exceed 3 seconds each time you start the engine. If the first start fails, don’t rush to start repeatedly. From the working principle of the car, starting the motor continuously at this time will definitely cause the battery to be over-discharged and damaged. The maintenance master suggested that the time interval between restarts should exceed 5 seconds.

Forgetting to turn off the air conditioner before turning off the fire

The maintenance master pointed out that most car owners are used to not turning off the air conditioner or letting the air conditioner start automatically after the vehicle starts. This will cause the air conditioning system to automatically start working every time the vehicle’s ignition switch is turned on. The consequence is that the instantaneous power load of the vehicle is directly overloaded. High, the battery will be wasted for a long time.

Listen to high-power audio when idling

If your car’s audio system has been modified to install a high-power audio system, you must be careful. The maintenance master pointed out that listening to high-power audio at idle speed will also put a very high load on the battery when the car is not in the car.

Pay attention to the above points and you can better maintain your battery.

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