DATA MODUL adds E-Ink displays to product portfolio

DATA MODUL adds E-Ink displays to product portfolio

E-Ink is supplying is  both segment and active matrix displays. Available in sizes from 1.10″ to 42.0″, the displays are characterised  by a wide choice of colours and a diverse range of uses.

The E Ink displays are available in black/white, black/white/red, black/white/yellow as well as coloured displays in yellow/orange or as a “full colour” ePaper display.

They feature a high contrast and an extreme viewing angle thanks to the patented E Ink technology.

Their reflective display makes them easy to read both in low ambient light and especially in bright sunlight. ePaper displays are also extremely power-efficient, as they are bistable and only require power when switching between images.

The displayed content then remains visible even without power. The low power consumption resulting from this makes ePaper technology particularly interesting for applications that are powered by batteries or for which only little electric power is available, such as through solar panels.

They are claimed to be easy to read from all directions and angles due to their reflective display technology and with sufficient ambient light.

These advantages make ePaper interesting for applications where conventional LCDs are not suitable: Wearables, different kinds of electronic tags as well as eReaders and eNotes, but also large-scale digital signage and smart living solutions can be easily implemented with E Ink displays.

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