Do you Know the Heat Treatment Process of Spring Steel?

1. Heat treatment process of thermoformed spring
Most of the springs formed by this method are combined with thermoforming and heat treatment, while coil springs are mostly heat treated after thermoforming. 

The heat treatment method of the spring steel is quenching + medium temperature tempering, and the microstructure is tempered toughness after heat treatment. 

This type of tissue has a high elastic limit and a high yield limit and a certain degree of toughness.

2. Heat treatment process of cold forming spring
For springs made of cold-rolled steel sheets, steel strips or cold-drawn steel wires, the material is strengthened due to cold plastic deformation, and the properties 

required by the spring have been achieved. Therefore, after the spring is formed, it only needs to be in the range of about 250C, and the stress-relief treatment is 

kept for about 30 minutes to eliminate the door stress of the cold-formed spring and to shape the spring.

3. Heat treatment of heat-resistant spring steel
The valve springs of internal combustion engines operate at higher temperatures, and some also have corrosive atmospheres, so special spring steels and suitable 

heat treatment specifications must be used.

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