Do you know why the price of high-speed punch is different?

Price comparison of high-speed punch presses is the basic habit of most customers to purchase equipment. For large-scale production equipment such as high-speed punch presses, even whether the price is appropriate has become a core factor for many customers to purchase. Many customers first inquire about the price. Because the price that really involves stamping can be returned quickly after the customer purchases the punch, but the actual price of different manufacturers will be very different.

Why is it so? As a professional manufacturer of high-speed punching machines

First of all, the cost input of high-speed punches in production mainly includes the following aspects:

  • 1) Investment in R&D team;
  • 2) Input of raw materials;
  • 3) Welding process and the input of assembly personnel;
  • 4) Enter after-sales;
  • 5) Input of market demand information;
  • 6) Type of manufacturer;

These different aspects are the cost of high-speed presses. An important part of the input.

The main reasons for the different prices of high-speed punches

  • 1) The processing costs are different, and the raw materials used by different high-speed punch manufacturers are different;
  • 2) Different prices in different places of origin;
  • 3) Some manufacturers do not have their own R&D team, just imitating other people’s products;
  • 4) Some manufacturers do not have their own processing equipment and only buy other people’s daily necessities. High-speed punching in production;
  • 5) Incomplete after-sales investment;
  • 6) High-speed punching equipment manufacturers do not have a clear understanding of the source of user needs; these differences will make the price of the machine different.

Should price be the core standard?

The price of a high-speed punch is an important reference factor in the purchase process of a high-speed punch, such as the quality, performance, after-sales integrity of the high-speed punch, etc. Customers also need to consider the supplier, because the purchase of a high-speed punch, enjoy its value is Use instead of one-time use, the quality of processed products, stability, and maintenance need to be considered.

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