Domestic semiconductors may explode, and cement companies are also betting on the chip industry

The semiconductor industry may be really hot recently. Various semiconductor projects across the country are frequently launched, and various semiconductor industrial parks are flying all over the sky. Even the cement-making Shangfeng Cement plans to add firewood to the independence of domestic semiconductors.

Cement plant investment chip

On the evening of September 8, Shangfeng Cement announced that it would invest 550 million yuan in equity investment in the new economy industry. The investment scope is mainly geared to technological innovation-driven and green high-quality development, including but not limited to semiconductors, chips, and high-end manufacturing. High-quality growth projects in industries such as, environmental protection, and new economic financial investment, combining long and short periods, and combining industry and finance. Simply put, Shangfeng Cement has some spare money in its hands and intends to invest in technology-driven industries such as semiconductors.

In terms of profitability, Shangfeng Cement’s profitability can be said to kill almost 99.9% of semiconductor companies. According to its financial report, in the first half of 2020, the gross profit margin of Shangfeng Cement Sand Aggregate is as high as 82.04%, which is no less than that of liquor. In addition, Shangfeng Cement is also a master of stock speculation. In the first half of the year, it won Tianshan shares, Conch Cement and other bull stocks, making a huge profit of 170 million. Therefore, Shangfeng Cement intends to invest in new economic industries again to hedge its main business.

Semiconductor investment boom

Many articles about investment in the semiconductor industry have been written before. To put it simply, the semiconductor industry did need a lot of capital in the past few years. However, with the changes in the international situation in the past two years, more and more capital has begun to flood into the semiconductor industry. There are many strategic investments such as large funds here. The investment of funds in some industries, such as Chen Datong, Yu Renrong and other veteran investment institutions in the semiconductor industry. These professionals have been deeply involved in the semiconductor industry for many years and have a clear understanding of the industrial structure and industrial development trends. Maximize utilization.

In addition, there is investment from local governments. In this respect, the Hefei Municipal Government can be regarded as a model student in the class. In addition to Hefei Changxin and BOE, many local governments also follow the development of the industry in addition to Hefei. The general trend is to build semiconductor/integrated circuit industrial parks with their own characteristics. Not to mention that these industrial parks will surely survive the fittest in the future, and discard a considerable part of it. Of course, this is an inevitable path for industrial development. Not every local government can become Hefei.

In fact, from the current point of view, the semiconductor industry in many places is too relaxed, lack of professional judgment, and lack of review and accountability mechanisms. As a result, many projects have begun to be unfinished before they are fully implemented. The recent Wuhan Hongxin is an example. Dehuai Semiconductor, Kuntong Semiconductor, etc. that have been revealed before are all abandoned before the projects are fully implemented.

There are also some companies that want to make their own chips while domestic substitution is prevailing. The core third board wrote an article before (52.6 million dare to buy chip companies, is semiconductor leeks so easy to cut?), I talked about Chenxin Technology’s plan to acquire 51% of Shanghai Huixinchen Industrial Co., Ltd. for 230 million yuan. The latter’s main products are LCOS optical modulation chips (light valve chips) and LCOS optical modules (optical machines). Chenxin Technology has a rich resume before that, selling aquatic products, doing Internet games, and after two years of losses, and then focusing on semiconductors. Basically, it is only doing fire and not doing it right.

Investment needs to be cautious

The semiconductor industry is a typical technology-intensive industry. It not only requires investors to have money, but also requires investors to have sufficient understanding and thinking. The final result of blindly entering the market and betting is likely to be that not only good steel cannot be used on the blade , It also caused a waste of resources, so are those friends who want to enter the market really ready?

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