Europe’s hopes of reviving semiconductors may be cooperating with China

More than a dozen countries in Europe have signed the “European Processor and semiconductor Technology Plan Joint Statement”, announcing that 145 billion euros (about 1152.7645 billion yuan) will be invested in the semiconductor industry in the next two to three years. This move can be described as significant Importantly, Baiming Technology believes that Europe wants to revive the semiconductor industry, and its hope lies in cooperation with China.

Europe’s hopes of reviving semiconductors may be cooperating with China

In recent decades, Europe has made little achievements in the era of digital chips. In the communication chip industry, major Asian chip companies compete with American chip companies. From the current point of view, European chip companies have little chance. European chip companies have the advantage of analog chips. and automotive semiconductors.

In the analog chip market, the world’s top ten analog chip companies include Infineon, STMicroelectronics, NXP and several other chip companies, and these three companies rank high, ranking third, fourth and sixth in the world respectively. It can be seen that these three companies are still very powerful in the analog chip industry.

Benefiting from the birth of world-renowned automotive companies such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and Peugeot in Europe, Europe has established a leading edge in the automotive semiconductor industry. Doctors, Krupp, Siemens and other companies that have a certain position in the automotive semiconductor industry.

Europe’s hopes of reviving semiconductors may be cooperating with China

These advantages of European chip companies can precisely form a complementary relationship with China. In the analog chip industry, China has just started. According to analysis data, analog chips made in China account for only about 10% of the domestic market. Due to Huawei’s experience, various industries in China hope to find replacements for American chips, while the powerful European analog chips Chip companies are expected to benefit from it.

In fact, since the second half of last year, Chinese mobile phone companies have increased their adoption of European analog chips. From the data released by IC insights, it can be seen that they benefited from the support of Chinese mobile phone companies. Infineon, STMicroelectronics, NXP The decline in revenue is much smaller than that of US chip companies Texas Instruments and ADI.

In the automotive semiconductor industry, Sino-European cooperation has begun to yield some results. NXP has invested in a Chinese autonomous driving technology company. Both Infineon and NXP have reached cooperation with Baidu Apollo, a leading Chinese autonomous driving technology company, showing that European chips Companies hope to enter the Chinese market relying on the technological advantages they have already achieved in the automotive semiconductor industry.

China has developed into the world’s largest auto market. Various Chinese auto companies and related technology companies are working hard to develop technologies such as autonomous driving. However, China’s automotive semiconductors are relatively weak, which is undoubtedly a huge opportunity for European automotive semiconductor companies. .

In the past, China and Europe have carried out a lot of scientific and technological cooperation. For example, China and Europe have successfully cooperated to formulate the 4G technical standard LTE and become the only 4G technical standard in the world. There are huge cooperation opportunities between China and Europe in the semiconductor industry. In the current international environment, China and Europe Win-win cooperation may become the consensus of both parties.

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