Evaluation module facilitates faster development for users

Texas Instruments DLPC7540EVM DLP Evaluation Module, available from Mouser, provides a reference design to facilitate faster development for users of the DLPC7540 chips. When combined with the DLP471TEEVM or DLP650TEEVM, users can speed the prototyping time of a DLP 4K UHD system.

The EVM offers a solution for driving either the 0.47″ 4K UHD or 0.65″ 4K UHD standard digital micromirror devices while providing for testing, with included Vx1 interface front-end system. The combination of the EVM with either the DLP471TEEVM or DLP650TEEVM can display SPLASH, test patterns, or video from the HDMI source on the DMD.

The EVM supports up to 4K UHD at 60Hz and 1080p at 240Hz (2D) and 120Hz (3D). It also supports LED, RGB laser, and laser phosphor illuminations.

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