Features of heat exchanger for compressor


Compact structure, important lightness, small size, and high efficiency are the characteristics that a heat exchanger for a tandem compressor should have, which is also the main basis for selecting a heat exchanger in the design of a cooling system.

Automatic control and protection system The unit adopts a PLC programmable controller as the central control processor, which scans, monitors and protects all operating parameters of the unit according to the program. Input signals collected automatically and regularly, such as pressure, temperature, differential pressure, flow, etc., once the operating parameter value exceeds the specified value, the controller will output an alarm signal and perform protection actions according to the program to ensure that the unit is always safe Work under normal conditions.

The current domestically produced piston-type air-sourced vehicles have the following advantages: (1) Choose models with the same loading quality, and when the exhaust pressure is the same, the displacement of the new model can be increased by at least two times. For example, with the same selection of 15t heavy-duty trucks, the displacement of the new model can reach more than 20m/min when the exhaust pressure is 15MPa, while the displacement of the existing model is only 10m when the exhaust pressure is 15MPa.

(2) The serial compressor unit assembled in the new model has fewer parts, and the total number of wearing parts such as air valves is also greatly reduced. The operation reliability is high and the maintenance cost is reduced.

(3) The vibration and amplitude of the tandem compressor unit assembled in the new model is greatly reduced, which reduces the loss of the vehicle.

(4) The new model is equipped with a complete PLC automatic control system and cooling system, which greatly improves the self-control ability.

(5) The special function parameters of new models can be changed according to different usage requirements, which is easy to realize serialization

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