Features Of Silicone Baby Food Plates With Big Suction

kids about 12 months old are curious toward the world. So they always do some tries to explore the world. And at this age, children begin to show great interest in self-eating. And baby supplies such as  baby spoons, food plate, baby bowls are designed for satisfing kids self-eating need.Once children begin to learn self-eating, most parents may have a crazy time. You’ll never know what babies will do at next second. When self-eating baby out of parent's sight, maybe it just only few seconds, food spill all over the highchair table and floor.  Parents possible be attacked by sticky food or food plate at any time when kids are eating.And some baby supplies(silicone BABY FOOD PLATE WITH BIG SUCTION) are designed to solve these upset of parents.Big Sucker
Silicone food plate with big sucker are specifically designed to stay in place. The big sucker is with strong suction. So it can stick tightly to non-porous surfaces–such as glass table top, baby high chair and reduce the risk of the food to spill all over the table.Raised Edges
This plate is with raised edges that make it easy for your child to catch foods by hand or to spoon liquid food by baby spoon.Bright Colors And Interesting Patternslet your children enjoy eating time!These placemats come in bright colors and funny patterns which are more likely to attract children's attention.Custom silicone baby food plates with big suction, is a great product made of 100% food grade silicone rubber, BPA free.

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