Free turbine controller metering fuel regulator automatically maintains


In order to achieve these main requirements, modern helicopter engines are equipped with complex automatic control systems and control systems, as well as a number of independent automatic devices. They may keep any control parameter and set value unchanged without human intervention, or change any control parameter in a desired way. Basic working characteristics of helicopter engine control system Modern helicopters are generally equipped with a free turbine turboshaft engine, which controls the speed of the power turbine by controlling the speed of the gas generator, and then controls the free turbine to meet the power requirements of the helicopter. The control of the gas generator speed is completed by the work of the turbine fuel controller. In order to ensure the power required by the speed, the fuel regulator is metered by the free turbine controller and maintained automatically. This kind of control is continuous, continuously controlling the fuel flow according to the speed, so that the helicopter engine can operate normally as required.

Fuel flow is a function of engine speed, compressor outlet pressure and gas generator throttle lever position. By inputting the above parameters that affect the operation of the helicopter engine into its fuel control equipment for calculation, the fuel flow rate of the fuel nozzle is controlled so that it will not cause the engine to overheat and ablate the hot components, nor cause excessive back pressure in the combustion chamber. It can cause the compressor to surging, and even cause the engine to stall due to rich oil, and not to stall due to insufficient fuel supply, so as to ensure the stable operation of the engine. Current Helicopter Engine Control System Hydro-mechanical Control System At present, the hydraulic-mechanical control system is widely used in various countries at home and abroad, using fuel as the working medium of the regulating function, and its main part is the fuel metering part and the calculating part. The main component of the fuel metering part is the fuel metering valve. The fuel passes through the valve to keep the pressure difference constant, and the fuel flow rate is determined by the opening of the metering valve. The opening of the metering valve is determined by the calculation part and the position of the throttle lever. The function of the calculation part receives signals from the helicopter pilot and the engine, and calculates the fuel flow rate that should be output to the fuel nozzle. If the combustion pressure is close to the limit that causes surge or stall, the calculation part will limit the fuel flow until it matches the increase in air flow.

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