From the main engine to the spare parts of the automobile industry, there is generally a low starting point.


The automobile industry is a capital-intensive, technology-intensive industry, and a highly concentrated industry of specialized collaboration. China’s automobile industry has gone through more than 30 years of development, and has formed a basically complete automobile production system with various models based on FAW and Second Automobile. However, the automotive industry generally has low starting points and small batches from mainframes to spare parts. Dispersed and backward, the China National Automobile Corporation put forward the principle of “high starting point, specialization, and mass production” to form trans-local automobile enterprise groups such as FAW, Second Automobile, and Heavy Duty. This is the main measure to solve the above-mentioned backward situation.

The automobile industry is the pillar industry in Beijing. To develop this industry, it is necessary to resolve the current chaotic situation. The establishment of an enterprise group (company) means the establishment of an economic entity integrating the asset management of the automobile industry in the Beijing area is the best choice to solve this situation, due to the following aspects.

**, the establishment of an accessory group is an important way to improve the effectiveness of macro adjustments and optimize the structure of accessory products. Through the formation of enterprise groups, the development of horizontal links between enterprises, mergers, shareholdings, and holdings can effectively promote the rational flow of stocks, thereby promoting the adjustment of product structure. The establishment of an auto parts group can increase the concentration of production in the parts industry, thereby changing the current chaotic situation of the auto parts industry in Beijing, and then optimizing parts products and highlighting key products and competitive products. Second, the establishment of an auto parts group is an important way to improve the utilization efficiency of existing assets, develop specialized production of parts, and form an economic scale. Most of the accessory companies are small in scale, low profits, low profit retention, and poor self-financing capabilities, making it difficult to carry out large-scale technological transformations.

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