Hackster.io and UNDP Rally Global Engineering Technology Community to Fight COVID-19 with ‘Detect and Protect Challenge’

Beijing, China, April 21, 2020 – Avnet Community Hackster.io is partnering with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and 12 leading technology companies to provide developing countries around the world with the coronavirus pandemic. support. Starting today, the COVID-19 Detection and Protection Challenge is calling on engineers to design low-cost, easy-to-deploy software, hardware and services to support COVID-19 detection and prevention in some of the world’s most vulnerable regions.

“Through this challenge, our Hackster-based community, UNDP and Avnet’s technology partners will work together to deliver innovative solutions to bring life-saving technologies to some of the world’s most vulnerable regions,” said Avnet CEO Bill Amelio “We are proud to partner with UNDP to activate a local technology ecosystem to develop, design and implement open source solutions to help detect and defend against COVID-19 around the world. This is a truly global collaboration with a long-term and positive multiplier effect.”

The COVID-19 Detection and Protection Challenge aims to enable ten affordable and easy-to-manufacture hardware solutions to enhance detection and prevention efforts in developing countries, minimizing the burden on healthcare systems by helping to flatten the infection curve pressure. Projects will be curated by Hackster and UNDP, who will also work with each developer to deploy their projects to the front lines where they are most needed.

“We’re turning to our network of developers and partners to share their ideas and designs with those who need them most,” said Hackster.io co-founder Adam Benzion “Through this challenge, we hope to bring some real Unique solutions that can make a real difference in the global fight against COVID-19.”

Avnet will provide support by providing business consulting and access to engineering, design and manufacturing resources to accelerate time-to-market for the winning solutions. Leveraging the power of Avnet’s broad technology ecosystem, Hackster has further support from partners including Amazon Web Services, Arduino, Arm, Edge Impulse, Google, Microsoft, Nordic semiconductor, Nvidia, NXP, Soracom and The Things Industries, They will each provide sponsorship, prizes, hardware and/or design support for the submitted project selection.

Entries will be accepted and evaluated on a round-robin basis until summer 2020. UNDP will select the top ten inventions whose developers will receive global recognition and economic rewards for their contributions to society and humanity.

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