Have You Used Stainless Steel Soap?

The owner spent 299 yuan to buy a piece of stainless steel “soap”, said to be produced in Germany. After taking home, the family felt incredible. They also laughed at him and said that he was cheated. The owner resolutely rebutted: You are not understand! Don’t look at stainless steel soap, it’s very useful.

The first time I heard that it is incredible, stainless steel is metal, generally used as hardware, how can it be used as soap? It is puzzling. The soaps used in our homes are all processed by the grinding of natural acacia. It is a self-solvent detergent that can clean the skin. It cannot be understood that a metal can be used. When the soap is used, because the molecules of the metal are very stable, the substitution of impurities and impurities is not achieved at all.

The owner said that this is a new product imported from Germany, the usage is different from the traditional soap in the home. Stainless steel soap is treated with nanotechnology, and the water stream can produce positive ions, while positive ions can take away some odors such as astringency, so its main function is to remove astringency and odor.

When you finish the fish in your home, you will have a bad smell on your hands. At this time, you can hold the stainless steel soap with your hands and wash it in warm water. After washing for about 30 seconds to 60 seconds, you can remove the smell of your hands. If there is an odor in the refrigerator, the stainless steel soap can be wrapped in a wet towel and then put into the refrigerator to remove the odor. It also has the advantage of being durable and not becoming a consumable like soap.

Although the owner said that there is a plausible word, there is no detailed specification for the simple packaging. There is only a simple English description outside the package, and some are suspected of Dutch, and they only introduce the use method. There is no special information. How to see how it is like the “three no” products we often say is really effective, a bit doubtful.

Do you believe that this stainless steel “soap” has such magical use?

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