Hercules Aluminum develops and produces all-aluminum mobile phone screen backplanes

The industry’s best jade is on the side. Can the single zero foil strength “ceiling” break through?The global limit rolling thickness of hard aluminum alloy foil is 0.15 mm, is it possible to roll it thinner?Industry pioneers have repeatedly failed in the research and development of new materials and new processes and finally gave up. Is there still a need to try? … In the past XNUMX years, Hercules Aluminum has been willing to stay lonely, intensively researching, and running, with brilliant achievements time and time again to give surprise answers that everyone did not dare to expect.

On the afternoon of August 8, Cao Kuang, chairman of Hercules Aluminum Co., Ltd., took out the smallest piece from the multiple samples spread on the table, and elaborated on why this “first” was “born” in Hercules Aluminum. “First of all, the thickness of the mobile phone screen backplane is required to be 24 mm, but the current limit rolling thickness of hard aluminum alloy foils worldwide is 0.1 mm, and only Hercules can achieve 0.15 mm or even 0.1 mm; secondly, The backplane of the mobile phone screen needs to be pulled out with a 0.05 mm high front camera hole at a thickness of 0.1 mm, and the material itself is not deformed or cracked. Hercules has overcome this problem.”

Before the “birth” of this all-aluminum mobile phone screen backplane, the material of the mobile phone screen backplane was mostly stainless steel, and this is undoubtedly the choice to “put the second best”. “Compared with steel, aluminum is not only light in weight, good in heat dissipation, but also non-magnetic. The only drawback is that it is not strong enough. However, the global aluminum giant, Japan UACJ, developed hard aluminum alloy foil more than ten years ago. It not only improves the hardness of the aluminum material itself, but also improves the toughness, which also makes it possible to make the aluminum screen backplane. However, due to the limitation of the rolling thickness and the material strength limit, the aluminum screen backplane only Applied to laptops, pads, etc., the back panel of mobile phone screens can only be made of stainless steel.” Cao Kuang told reporters that now, Hercules Aluminum has not only turned “possibility” into “reality”, and successfully made the “first film”. “The all-aluminum mobile phone screen back panel, and samples have passed the inspection and approval of some brand manufacturers, began to supply small quantities.

“Affordable time”, “I am willing to invest”, “Can endure loneliness”, “Drill into research and development”…… These are the key words given by Cao Kuang.Since its establishment in 2010, Hercules Aluminum, which focuses on the “material revolution”, has encountered numerous difficulties, and has tasted all kinds of failures.But for the “Hercules”, “it is not terrible to encounter difficulties, the key is to face it with what attitude” “There is nothing wrong with failure, and one wrong option can be removed” “Dare to try and make mistakes. After making too many mistakes, The higher the probability of correctness remaining” has long been a tacit consensus.

Since the acquisition of the original Aleris aluminum processing plant in Canada, Hercules Aluminum has a high-level layout and has continuously strengthened its hard equipment and soft power supporting facilities.In the workshop, a complete set of international advanced aluminum processing equipment is automatically operated; in the R&D center and production site, three generations of technicians from the old, middle and young generations work together to overcome the difficulties and “bite hard bones”…Ten years, nearly 30 billion yuan, Hercules Aluminum Finally entered the “same arena” with the industry pioneers, and truly released the invisible hand of foreign leaders in the field of hard aluminum alloy foil to China.

After completing the R&D and production of screen backplanes of different specifications, Hercules Aluminum did not stop with complacency.

Adjusting equipment and improving abrasive tools, Hercules Aluminum has made “there is no single laptop keyboard stand in the world made by Chinese” as a “past tense”. In March this year, “Hercules” laptop keyboard supports formed a batch order; To upgrade the process and improve the technology, Hercules Aluminum has turned into “possibility” the old Japanese special aluminum alloy company leader’s assertion that “this kind of high-strength aluminum alloy cannot meet the anodizing requirements”. Now, the overall completion of “Hercules” has been completed. The anodized laptop shell has been verified by many brand manufacturers… At present, Hercules Aluminum supplies products to BOE, AUO, Acer, Asus, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Dell, Lenovo, TCL, Coolpad, etc. Well-known brands are also its customers.

In Cao Kuang’s view, Hercules Aluminum has worked hard for many years to become an active participant in the materials revolution. Therefore, when the material revolution shocked the entire electronic 3C industry, Hercules Aluminum, which relied on its strength to solve the domestic “stuck neck” problem, also succeeded. “Out of the circle”, the huge potential of galloping in the industry is already evident.

“The semiconductor industry is an important plan for Hercules Aluminum in the next three to five years.” Cao Kuang said that Hercules Aluminum launched the research and development of ultra-flat materials three years ago. “Ultra-flat materials were originally mainly controlled by several well-known companies around the world, such as Kobe Steel, Aleris, Alcoa’s UK factory, and France’s Kenlian. In addition to some basic requirements, the most important thing is internal stress control. Because of this. There are few masters, and the country can only rely on imports. In March last year, we made an ultra-flat material and sent it to Japan. After testing, it was confirmed that the relevant parameters had reached their requirements. This week, Hercules Aluminum produced a semiconductor cavity for use. The ultra-flat material of the company will be officially delivered. It can be said responsibly that the ultra-flat material of our Hercules Aluminum has reached the standard of the “standard item” Kenlian, and it can completely replace imports.”

Substituting imports, filling up the gaps in the country, and capable people can’t.This is the logic and goal of Hercules Aluminum for many years, and Cao Kuang shared it. “For what can be produced abroad, we must do it, and we must strive for perfection, layout ahead of time, and go further.” Cao Kuang said bluntly, based on existing achievements and giving full play to its own advantages, Hercules Aluminum will keep its head high and make progress. , Will move forward courageously on the road of research and development of new materials. “Based on products, the future of Hercules Aluminum can be expected. Compared with the production capacity of its peers to reach 70%~80% to’break-even’, we only need to achieve 25% of the production capacity to make a profit. So far this year, Hercules Aluminum’s Production and sales have increased by 66.7% compared with last year, and there will be greater breakthroughs in the fourth quarter. Therefore, we will firm our line and persist in research to anchor the electronic 3C industry, the semiconductor industry, and the new energy automobile industry.”

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