High quality silicone foam tube

How do we judge high-quality foamed silicone tubes? First, the tubes should be suitable for the customer’s requirements. They can be properly improved on the basis of customer requirements but cannot change the customer’s requirements.


The safety performance of platinum foamed silicone tube is relatively expensive. It is non-toxic and tasteless and can pass FDA certification. Generally, the quality of odorless foamed silicone tube is relatively high.


The performance of silica gel has been described many times before. The silicone  foam tube is characterized by a foaming process similar to that of a sponge. It is suitable for use on a variety of equipment such as fitness equipment, bicycles, etc. And the foamed silicone tube can reach a temperature of 300° temperature after the addition of the high temperature resistant foam tube.


 silicone foam tube is an excellent product, so we can’t judge it from a single angle. We need to judge whether it is a high quality product from our own perspective.

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