Horizontal assembly rolls of section steel universal rolling mill

The section steel universal rolling mill is a multi-roll rolling mill with two pairs of rolls whose axes are perpendicular to each other in the same vertical plane. The typical roll series diagram is shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 Type copper universal rolling mill roll system. The horizontal roller body of the universal rolling mill is surrounded by section steel, especially the corners of the roll. The deformation of the rolled material is large and the thermal shock is large. The roll is required to have high wear resistance and thermal crack resistance. . Because the rolling force is concentrated on the very narrow roll body in the middle of the roll body and bears alternating bending stress, the roll, especially the roll neck, is required to have good strength and toughness: this kind of high wear resistance to the roll body and high strength and toughness to the roll neck Requirements, the use of integral structure rolls is difficult to achieve. In order to solve this contradiction, the horizontal rolls of universal rolling mills are mostly designed with a ring and roll shaft inlaid structure, that is, a combined roll. In this way, the alternating stress of the horizontal roll is transferred to the roll shaft and the roll shaft is borne, and the wear of the roll body is absorbed by the roll. The ring bears, through a certain amount of interference or the addition of a special anti-slip agent, the horizontal rollers hot-packed together have both good wear resistance and toughness.

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