How does silicone mask filter bacteria

At present, most of the silicone masks are composed of filtration materials, filtration channels, exhaust valves, silicone face sealing covers, and the face sealing covers are all made of silica gel materials to prevent harmful gas leakage into the mask. So how is the needled cotton, which is used as the filtering material for silicone masks, filtered?

Dust blocking principle of silicone mask filter material needled cotton: when the dust impinged on silica gel mask material needled cotton, some large particles of dust were blocked in the needled cotton through layer upon layer barrier.

The filter material of silicone mask is made of dacron needled cotton, which can block the respirable dust smaller than 2.5 microns in the process of passing through this filter material, which can filter the air. It has the characteristics of filtration, cleaning, strong moisture resistance, stable quality, larger dust capacity and long service life. also it have some advantages,such as resistance small, light, environmental protection (can burn) ect.It suit to be used at mask filter material very much. At present, it is widely used by silica gel masks, dust masks, N95 masks and other places, especially industry,  not good air.

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