How Many Types Elegance Ruffle Trim Cupcake Liners Can We Provide?

Various types silicone ruffle cake cups wholesale by China supplier: Dongguan Wei Shun Silicone Technology Co. Ltd. Silicone cupcake liners are being used more commonly by cooks all over the world. Especially in the Unite States of America and European countries, annual import volume of silicone cake cups is very huge.What kind of silicone cake liner our company offered is profitable?How many types cupcake liners is available?I will introduce several mini size cake molds sold on our shop. Maybe there will be some products can meet with your need.1 Ordinary Cylindrical Shape Rainbow Color Ruffle Cake Cups
Round shape cupcake liners is the most common cake molds we can find on market. You can custom colors.
2 Silicone Cupcake Liners Rose Flower Shape
Flower shape cupcake liners is a product probably can meet with most buyer’s need. This mold provide by our factory is a rose shape mini size cake baking mold. It has three sizes: 7cm, 5cm and 3cm.You can choose one size products. What’s more, your require of mixed size molds can be also satisfied.

3 Triangular Cake Molds Muffin Tins

This silicone ruffle mold for making cake and muffin is triangle shape. Funny, six triangular muffin molds can compose of a hexagon pattern.In addition, the size of this mold is 5.5*3 cm.

All of the cake cups is made from Food Grade silicone, which is a specially certified grade of rubber approved for use in food manufacturing and packaging.Our products–silicone cake cup is made from this tough and reliable material with a long life span. Our elegance ruffle trim cupcake liners are will not affect the quality and properties of the food it is used with. Besides, it is usable and easily cleaned.Welcome to order and custom silicone cake cups.

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