How Much Do You Know About Aluminum Alloy?

Aluminum is the most abundant metal element in the earth’s crust, aluminum is the main material to add other metal aluminum alloy, it has light, environmental protection, corrosion resistance and many other excellent properties, for us to provide a variety of convenience, known as the green metal aluminum has a good recycling characteristics.

In new energy development and utilization of aluminium is essential, passed by aluminium and aluminium alloy casting, forging, extrusion and rolling process and the products are widely used, such as the proportion of aluminum is about one-third that of steel, industrial aluminum extrusion materials and aluminum rolling material, steel is gradually substituted transportation, basis in the field of building materials.


Aluminum alloy is aluminum as the main material of the alloy, the main alloy elements such as copper, silicon, magnesium, zinc, aluminum alloy has corrosion resistance, easy processing, high strength, low density and other advantages.

Aluminium alloy with corrosion resistance, it is can’t do a lot of metal, because of the aluminum alloy surface has been a hard layer of membrane, the membrane covering the surface of aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy and the oxygen isolation, as the extension of time, the thickening of the membrane will also continuously, if the membrane is damaged also to grow a protective film, make its aluminium has good corrosion resistance. 

 Of course, the need for later surface treatment to make aluminum alloy more corrosion resistant.Aluminum alloy so many advantages, is how to process into a variety of aluminum alloy products, now use more extrusion process and die casting process. Extrusion process is to heat the aluminum alloy rod to about 400℃, in the extruder through the heating of the aluminum alloy rod one end of the pressure, the other end is the corresponding shape of the mold, the aluminum alloy from the mold after cooling will become aluminum alloy products. 

The die casting process is to make the casting by pressing the aluminum alloy solution into the mold cavity. Firstly, the aluminum alloy solution is put into the pressure chamber, and then the punching head moves forward to melt the aluminum alloy into the mold cavity by hydraulic pressure.After the molten liquid of aluminum alloy solidifies, the die casting mould is opened and the casting is taken out.

Although aluminum alloy has very good oxidation resistance, but in order to better reflect product quality, enhance the use and visual effect, aluminum alloy will do a variety of surface treatment, mainly polishing, wire-drawing, electroplating, sandblasting and other further improve the decorative and protective aluminum alloy.

Today, people have higher and higher requirements for low-carbon environmental protection, aluminum alloy has become a substitute for many metals, its low density, high strength, easy to process and other advantages, in the automotive, high-speed rail, aviation, shipping and other fields are more and more widely used, aluminum alloy will make greater contributions to the development of mankind.

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