How to buy the right mobile phone, remember these points!

Now that the mobile phone has become an indispensable thing, it is better not to eat or drink than to stop playing with the mobile phone. Mobile phone manufacturers are also constantly launching new products, which makes people dazzled and don’t know which one to buy. The following parameters must be carefully checked when buying a mobile phone, and special attention must be paid.

How to buy the right mobile phone, remember these points!

1. The processor

The only ones that can produce mobile phone processors are Samsung and TSMC. There are many processors that can process processors: Apple, Qualcomm, MediaTek, Samsung, and Huawei. For example, Snapdragon 845, MediaTek G90T, HiSilicon Kirin 980, etc., how to look at the grade of the processor, if you are an expert in the industry, look at the specific parameters, such as CPU, GPU, NPU, etc. If you don’t want to be too troublesome, just look at the ladder diagram. You can see the grade of the processor intuitively by looking at the ladder diagram of your mobile phone.

Second, the screen

The size of the screen is based on your own preferences, some people like big screens, some people like small screens. The screen is not good, and the mobile phone hurts the eyes. The screen is divided into LCD and OLED, and you can’t simply think that one is good and some is bad, because LCD and OLED are also graded. The resolution is generally the bigger the better, such as 2400*1080. The resolution divided by the screen size is the PPI index. The higher the index, the better, so that the phone will not look grainy, and the higher the refresh rate, the better. The screen ratio is the percentage of the screen to the size of the phone, and the screen material is divided into several grades, such as gorilla glass and ordinary aluminosilicate glass.

3. Memory

Memory is divided into running memory RAM and storage memory ROM. Running memory determines how much software you can run at one time, and storage memory determines how much data you can store. For example, the common 4+64. The ROM type is usually USF2.1, and the mainstream RAM type is LPDDR 4X. The best memory configuration is to run more memory and store less memory. For example, I would rather have a 64+4 configuration than a 4+64 configuration, but which mobile phone would be configured like this.

How to buy the right mobile phone, remember these points!

Fourth, the camera

If the mobile phone camera configuration is high, it can replace the SLR camera. The camera is generally Sony and Samsung, Sony should be better than Samsung. The quality of imaging is determined not only by pixels, but also by other factors, such as algorithms. The imaging effect is not only related to the main camera, but also to the auxiliary camera, such as depth of field, wide angle, etc. There are also things such as whether it supports OIS, whether it supports optical image stabilization, and what is the maximum zoom mode, which must be paid attention to when buying a mobile phone.

5. Network

Generally speaking, the more network systems supported, the better. If the mobile phone supports 5G network, it depends on the supported network frequency. The more frequencies supported, the better. Dual-card single-pass, mobile phones that do not support dual-pass are not recommended to purchase.

6. Transmission

The so-called transmission is to see whether it supports WLAN, which WLAN protocols are supported, what is the supported WLAN frequency, whether it supports Bluetooth, PC data synchronization, GPS, AGPS, NFC, infrared, etc. In short, the more supported the better.

How to buy the right mobile phone, remember these points!

7. Call

Call quality depends on whether it supports 4G voice solutions, which 4G voice solutions are supported, and whether video calls are supported.

8. Body material

The body material includes plastic, glass, metal, etc., which is selected according to your own preferences.

Nine, battery

The parameters of the battery mainly depend on the battery capacity, the maximum wattage, whether it supports fast charging, whether it supports reverse charging, etc.

10. Sensors

Sensors are generally light sensors, gravity sensors, compass, gyroscope, etc. The more supported, the better.

Of course, there are other parameters, such as whether to support Type-C, whether to support USB3.0, whether there is a headphone jack, etc., but as long as the main parameters are good, the secondary parameters are generally good.

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