How to clean the silicone sealing strip in the refrigerator ?

There are many microorganism on the silicone sealing strip in the refrigerator . The existance of those microorganism easy to lead all kinds of disease . We suggest that use the hoshinuno which is soaked in alcohol wiped sealing strip .
We all think that the refrigerator can refrigeration and preservation , put the food in it will safe . In fact ,the refrigerator is not proof box.

If the refrigerator is not clear in time after a long time use , it will gave out unpleasant odor . Because there are so many food in the refrigerator .If want to completely remove odor , period of storage of food in refrigerator should not too long . Goods storage had better not more than a month .Leftovers in the refrigerator should eat as soon as possible .
Silicone sealing strip should made of 100% food grade of silicone materials , and non-toxic ,harmless .they are Waterproof , anticollision and easy to clean .


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