How to deal with stainless steel rust spots?

How to deal with stainless steel rust spots?


Chemical methods


Using acid pickling paste or spray to assist the rust part to be passivated through forming chromium oxide film to restore its corrosion resistance. After pickling,for removing all pollutants and acid residues, it’s very important to rinse properly with clean water . After all treatments, the polishing equipment is used to re-polish, and the polishing wax is used to seal the polishing wax. For those with slight rust stains locally, the mixture of 1:1 gasoline and oil can be used to wipe off the rust stains with a clean rag.


Mechanical method


Sandblasting. Using shot peening or glass or ceramic particles for annihilation, scrubbing and polishing. It is possible to erase the contamination caused by previously removed materials, polished materials or annihilated materials by mechanical means. All kinds of pollution, especially foreign iron particles, may be the source of corrosion, especially in humid environment. Therefore, the mechanical cleaning surface should be cleaned regularly under dry conditions. The mechanical method can only clean the surface of the material, but can not change the corrosion resistance of the material itself. Therefore, it is suggested that polishing equipment should be used to re-polish after mechanical cleaning, and polishing wax should be used to seal it.


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