How to deal with the stuck situation of the punch

How to deal with the stuck situation of the punching machine

Punching press is a kind of equipment commonly used in recent years. We often use it to blank, punch, form, draw, trim, fine blank, reshape, riveting and extruding parts, etc., but the equipment has been used for a long time. It is inevitable that there will be some malfunctions, such as stuck. So how should we solve the problem when the device is stuck?
Punch mold stuck: first turn off the power, there is a hole for the hand-climbing car on the big wheel on the right (or left) of the equipment, directly climb the car rod by hand, slowly shake it up little by little, and then remove the mold It can be repaired.
If you really can’t climb up, you can also loosen the three screws at the front. Shake up to the ground and repair the mold.
The equipment itself is stuck: Generally, if the stroke adjustment is too large, it is easy to cause the equipment to be damaged, and it needs to be repaired by a mechanic.

If you encounter this problem while using the press, do not overhaul the equipment at will, otherwise it may cause greater damage to the equipment. Should try to find professional maintenance personnel to deal with the problem.

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