How to do the dynamic balance of car tires

Now anyone who has a car knows the familiar term dynamic balance. What is dynamic balance? In short, it is the uneven force of the tires as a whole. When the car tires are driving at high speed, it will feel jitter or square disc vibration. In this way, if it is solved for a long time, then irreparable errors are likely to occur. In fact, when such minor unsafe factors are discovered, they should be corrected in time.
As long as you pay attention to your car’s friends, you will notice that there is one or more lead blocks of varying sizes on the edge of the wheel hub of your favorite wheel. Some of these lead blocks will be on the inside of the hub, and some will be on the outside of the hub. In fact, we cannot underestimate these lead blocks, because they play a very important role in the stability of our car tires. Especially when we replace new brand tires, we need to make a dynamic balance when installing tires.
How should we balance your car? How do you check whether we are operating correctly? Now we briefly describe the process of dynamic balancing for everyone.
First remove the LOGO, put the dynamic balancer on the wheel, and then fix it. Take out the ruler on the dynamic balancer for measurement, and measure the value obtained by measuring the distance between the dynamically balanced machine and the wheel hub. Then enter this value into the first controller.
Next, take out the curved ruler to measure the width of the hub, and input the value to the second controller.
After   *, look at the tire directly on the sidewall of the tire, enter the diameter value into the controller, and press the start button. Start testing. These things should be done before the formal inspection.
When the detection stops, our computer will detect the weight that needs to be added inside and outside the wheel. We should install the outside first, rotate the tire, and make adjustments according to the instructions of the instrument. If a single tire wants to check the dynamic balance, then we only need to remove the car tire, install the dynamic balancer and turn it and look at the prompt of the machine to know if the center of gravity of the tire has shifted.
In fact, we should check the dynamic balance of car tires regularly. Because when dynamic imbalance makes the wheels sway, making car tires produce wave-shaped wear; if it is static imbalance, there will be no bumps and jumps at all, if we do not deal with it for a long time, the tires will have flat spots. Therefore, to regularly check the balance of the tires will not only prolong the notorious use of tires, but also listen to the stability of car tires, but also avoid irreparable consequences caused by our car accidents.

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