How to increase the utilization rate of stamping parts in stamping parts processing plants

How to increase the utilization rate of stamping parts in stamping parts processing plants

In the metal stamping production, the production cost is most affected by the material utilization rate, and the material expenditure accounts for 75% of the entire production cost. On the premise of ensuring the quality of metal stamping parts, improving the utilization rate of materials has become the most important part of stamping parts processing plants. One of the most important research topics.

Methods to improve material utilization in stamping parts processing plants:

  • 1. For some special-shaped precision stamping parts, the arrangement of blanks in the uncoiling blanking die can be optimized to reduce waste, uncoiling blanks as much as possible, and improve material utilization;
  • 2. For the production of a unified model of metal stamping parts, we can design multiple parts on a set of molds, and use the waste at the large part to copy the small stamping parts to realize the use of waste;
  • 3. When producing left-right symmetrical metal stamping parts, the design drawings are stamped together, and the two stampings are changed to one stamping. While saving the process, it also reduces the material in each area and improves the utilization rate of the material;
  • 4. You can adjust the mold to improve the excess waste generated during blanking, reduce the size of the blank, and increase the utilization rate.
  • 5. When uncoiling and blanking some precision stamping parts, a large area of ​​unused waste will be generated. These scraps are used in the production of other small precision stamping parts, which can avoid purchasing materials used for small precision stamping parts separately, saving costs, and improving the utilization rate of materials at the same time.

There are many ways to improve material utilization, and more methods need to be verified through practice. Improving material utilization is to reduce the overall cost of stamping production. When formulating a plan to improve material utilization, the output of stamping parts should be combined with investment costs and benefits. relation.

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