Information of Rubber Speed Hump

The rubber speed bump is made of rubber material, and the shape is sloped. The color is often yellow and black. It is fixed to the road junction with expansion screws. It is a safety device that plays the role of vehicle deceleration. The scientific name is rubber deceleration ridge, which is designed according to the principle of the angle between the tire and the ground special rubber when the car is running, and is made of special rubber. It is a new type of special traffic safety device that is set at the entrance of highway crossings, industrial and mining enterprises, schools, residential quarters, etc. to slow down the speed of motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles. Compared with the original cement ridge and steel pipe, the rubber speed bump has shock absorption, excellent compression resistance, long life, less wear on the car, less noise, yellow and black, distinct colors, no need to repaint every year, beautiful Generous and other characteristics. After the use of speed bumps, accidents at various traffic intersections are greatly reduced, and it is a new type of special facility for traffic safety.


1. Made of high-strength rubber, with good compressive performance, and the slope has a certain degree of softness, there is no strong sense of bumps when the vehicle hits, and the shock absorption and shock absorption effects are good

2. Fix it firmly on the ground with screws, it will not loosen when the vehicle hits

3. There are special textures on the end sections to effectively avoid sliding

4. Black and yellow colors are particularly eye-catching; high-brightness reflective beads can be installed on each end section to reflect light at night so that the driver can see the location of the deceleration slope clearly

5. Special craftsmanship ensures that the color is durable and not easy to fade

6. Simple installation and convenient maintenance

7. Suitable for use in parking lots, residential areas, gates of institutions and schools, and toll passages

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