Inspection standard of punch

Inspection standard of punch

The emergence of the punching machine has replaced the previous traditional machinery, and its use has become more and more extensive. This equipment needs to pass the inspection standards before it can be sold and used. Let’s take a look at its inspection standards:

  • 1. Look at the appearance, especially the details, the paint has been reworked, it is very likely that this equipment is refurbished;
  • 2. Listen to the sound, whether the gap between the old-fashioned punch press is large, whether there is abnormal noise in operation, and whether there is abnormal noise in the clutch sound of the pneumatic punch press;
  • 3. Check the lubrication system. Good lubrication is helpful to the normal operation of the machine. On the contrary, it will increase the burden of equipment operation and reduce its service life.In this process, pay attention to check whether the oil pump and each oil level gauge meet the standards. In addition, the power indicator light and the emergency stop button need to be tested in advance to avoid shutdown failure in the event of an unexpected failure;
  • 4. Whether the parallelism between the table surface and the bottom surface of the slider is within the normal range is very important. It directly affects the working accuracy and must be tested with professional measuring tools.

The above is about the quality inspection standards for punching presses. You can refer to the content of this article, and you can also choose products of satisfactory quality based on these content when purchasing equipment.

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