Integration and inspection of irregular vehicle operations

First, the favorable opportunity for the introduction of the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Regulations was not well grasped; second, there was a fear of difficulties and a wait-and-see mentality. The objective reason is that the Changtai County Traffic Police Brigade terminated the implementation of the Provincial Public Security Department Vehicle Management Office Min Traffic Police Vehicle <1996> 036 Document 5 on the approval of the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Supervision Office 3 on the renewal of the Type 92 tractor license in January 1998. Notice 6 of the handling opinion 4 of the problem, and the black cars (cars, agricultural vehicles, tractors) carrying stones in the two areas of Lindun and Fufang did not obey the management. Even the traffic police had no choice but to see dump trucks and Longjiang- 15. Pinghe-12 and Yong’an-24 are unmanaged. They think that there is a license without a license, a certificate without a certificate, a check without a check, and things that resist our administration according to law happen from time to time (maybe our law enforcement means But for hard reasons), the tube is not managed properly.

It is imperative to adhere to the management according to the law in favor of safe production. Regardless of whether it is a wheeled, walking tractor, or a variant, dump truck or construction machinery, most of the operators have not received formal training. They have a little understanding of traffic rules and operating procedures, or even don’t understand them at all, and their safety awareness is rather weak. It is not clear about the potential safety hazards in the process of driving and operation, and accidents occur from time to time by operating in violation of regulations or walking on the driving route. If they can be effectively managed, through enhanced training, promote their understanding of traffic regulations, and operate in accordance with normal operating procedures, it can avoid accidents, reduce or avoid economic losses, and benefit the people and the country.

is conducive to maintaining fair competition in the operating market. Vehicle licenses are complete, to participate in inspections on time, to pay traffic fees, and to operate on the roads only after taxes. This is the basic principle of fair competition in the transportation market*. Those locomotives who do not pay taxes without a license and do not participate in inspections on time still operate and make money. It is obviously unfair to those owners who have licenses and pay taxes and participate in inspections on time. Obviously, in accordance with the principle of fair competition in the market, we must manage the /black car 0, and we must manage it well.

is good for maintaining the image of the government, which is our duty. Each functional department handles affairs in accordance with the law, combined with local actual conditions, has done detailed work, timely publicized the party and government’s policies, and earnestly fulfilled its work responsibilities. All represent the specific behavior of the government. The Party Central Committee and the State Council proposed/rectified the market economic order. With the concerted efforts of functional departments, the counterfeiting dens were unable to make counterfeit products publicly, and the market order was restored. Although the counterfeit dens have been basically blocked, the management problem of our county’s self-modified variants has not been fundamentally solved, and we urgently need to come up with practical solutions. If we simply destroy them all in a centralized manner, it will inevitably affect the entire rural economic development of our county, detrimental to social stability, and will not meet the requirements of the three representatives.

Cooperate with fuel tax reform. The fuel tax bill has been passed long ago. Once it is implemented, it will greatly promote the management of agricultural machinery. This requires that we must manage these/black cars, and also manage other agricultural machinery, and do a good job in the overall safety supervision of agricultural machinery for fairness and justice in the future. Lay the foundation for allocating subsidy funds.

It is beneficial to increase income and do a good job in the construction of agricultural machinery supervision software and hardware. We can charge a certain amount of modification fees for privately modified modified modified vehicles according to the agricultural machinery charging standards approved by the price department. Other types of locomotives may charge a certain amount of overdue inspection fees and one-time household inspection fees according to the overdue situation. The development of chemical industry is inseparable from funds, and the county-level finance cannot provide money, so we have to solve it by ourselves. The only solution is to strengthen management, rationally and legally, and actively do the safety supervision of all agricultural machinery that should be managed. Only when the income is high can the entire agricultural mechanization business have great development, and only then can the supervisor have the funds to purchase computers, inspection vehicles, inspection equipment, and improve office conditions and other software and hardware construction. Therefore, we must fight for and manage these/black cars.

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