IQiyi Intelligent changed its name to Dream Bloom CEO Xiong Wen: The value of Metaverse lies in allowing us to realize our dreams

Sina Technology News reported on the afternoon of December 16 that the “2021 Technology Billboard” co-sponsored by Sina Finance Client and Sina Technology opened today. Xiong Wen, CEO of iQiyi Intelligence, revealed in the roundtable forum session of “Starting the Metaverse” that iQiyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was renamed “Dream Blooming Technology Co., Ltd.”.

IQiyi Intelligence is a company invested by iQiyi. Its main work direction is VR-related business, including VR hardware and VR content platform.

Xiong Wen said, first, the meta-universe has to give you a sense of reality like a dream, but it can be detached from reality like a dream. For the meta universe, the sense of reality or presence is an important factor. If you talk about the meta universe without this factor, this thing is basically not true.

Second, the meta universe can enable each of us to realize our dreams. Some dreams may be more difficult and can only be realized in the meta-universe. The value of the meta universe also lies in enabling us to realize these dreams.

This year is the ninth year of Sina’s “Science and Technology Billboard”, and you are welcome to continue to pay attention. With Wei Jianguo, vice chairman of China International Economic Exchange Center and former vice minister of the Ministry of Commerce; Wang Jianzhou, former chairman of China Mobile and senior consultant of Global Mobile Communications Association (GSMA); chairman of Bank of China International Research Co., Ltd., vice committee of China Macroeconomics Association Long Cao Yuanzheng; Sheng Xitai, founding partner and chairman of Hongtai Fund; Liu Erhai, founding and managing partner of Joy Capital, and other guests to review the reform and look forward to the new life.

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