Lighting control devices provide exceptional control and sensing technology

The Omron G5RL-EL is a low-profile latching PCB power Relay for high inrush performance. This model offers a 16A switching capacity and can withstand a 10kV impulse voltage, while its operating temperature is from -40C to 85C. It has a creepage distance of 8mm.

The D6T-32L is a MEMS thermal sensor facilitating reliable detection of the presence and location of people in an area. Capable of detecting even the smallest amount of radiant energy from objects, the sensor can detect both stationary and moving people and objects. With a view across 90-degrees by 90-degrees, the device can encompass a wide area from a single point.

The G5RL-EL PCB Power Relay and the D6T-32L MEMS Thermal Sensor, both available from TTI Europe, provide exceptional control and sensing technology for lighting systems in building automation.

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