Linux version 5.15 released with initial support for DG2/Alchemist+Xe HPG and new NTFS driver

Linus Torvalds did not take a break for the Halloween holiday, but released Linux 5.15 on schedule and did not delay the release of the stable kernel version by another week as previously rumored. Linux 5.15 has many notable changes, including the introduction of DAMON, a new NTFS filesystem driver from Paragon, the first support code for Xe HPG and DG2/Alchemist, temperature monitoring support for AMD Zen 3 APUs, and more.


Linux version 5.15 released with initial support for DG2/Alchemist+Xe HPG and new NTFS driver

A brief 5.15 announcement by Linus Torvalds was posted on the kernel mailing list:[email protected]om/T/#u

You can see the Linux 5.15 feature list here for a more complete look at the exciting changes this cycle:


– AMD PDTDMA driver was merged after two years of development in favor of AMD EPYC server processors.

– Extended stack randomization for RISC-V and hooked up additional functions for RISC-V.

– Support Alder Lake in TCC driver.

– A major AMD laptop suspend/resume fix, benefiting various models.

– KVM now defaults to the new x86 TDP MMU and adds AMD SVM 5-level paging.

– AMD Zen 3 APU temperature monitoring support is finally complete.

– Yellow Carp APU temperature monitoring support.

– Incorporated AMD SB-RMI driver to facilitate server use cases such as the Linux-based OpenBMC software stack.

– Optimized C3 entry processing for AMD CPUs.

– Some IRQ kernel code improvements to benefit Intel 486 era hardware.

– An AVX2 optimized SM4 cipher implementation.


– Many new RDNA2 PCI IDs point to a possible RDNA2 graphics card update.

– AMD Cyan Skillfish graphics support.

– Initial support for Intel XeHP and DG2/Alchemist discrete graphics.

– Removed Intel Gen10/Cannon Lake graphics support.

– There are many other graphics improvements in the DRM/KMS driver.

storage/file system.

– Incorporated the new NTFS driver, which is a big improvement over the existing NTFS driver. This new driver is the “NTFS3” driver created by Paragon Software.

– Samsung’s KSMBD was merged into an in-kernel SMB3 file server.

– OverlayFS has better performance and replicates more properties.

– FUSE now allows to mount an active device.

– Performance optimization for F2FS.

– Connection sharing on multiple NICs via NFS client code.

– New optimizations for EXT4.

– Numerous improvements to XFS.

– Degraded RAID mode support and performance improvements for Btrfs.

– Btrfs supports IDMAPPED mounts and Btrfs FS-VERITY support.

– Linux 5.15 I/O can reach ~3.5M IOPS per core.

– As requested by systemd developers, support sequence numbers for global county/disk events.

– Removed LightNVM subsystem.

– Fixed floppy driver code for Linux.

– Changes to other block subsystems.

The release of Linux Kernel 5.15 also means that the Linux kernel is now starting to enter a very exciting merge window.

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