Machinery Castings Surface Repair Method For Defects To Hide

  Machinery Castings surface repair method for defects to hide

  Cast iron platform, inspection plate, cast iron plate, machine tool Machinery Castings in the production process will inevitably appear some small defects. Small Buzhi Yu re-Machinery Castings, that there are some small Machinery Castings defects how to solve this problem?

  1. Cast glue

  Simple, extensive Machinery Castingss, general repair does not require subsequent processing, and no special strength hardness requirements. The added value of such Machinery Castingss is relatively low.

  2. welding

  More than 90% of the foundry manufacturers have chosen welding to solve the production encountered in the Machinery Castings defects. Welding repair due to the use of metal filler (welding consumables generally match with the Machinery Castings material), welding performance can basically meet the base metal standard, and simple operation, high welding efficiency, many manufacturers recognized and trusted. Currently on the market, more types of welding machines, used in defect repair, generally have the following:

  Welding machine: cast iron, cast steel welding more use of the traditional way.

  Advantages: repair large defects, high efficiency.

  Disadvantages: solder joints on the hardness is too high, the internal stress, prone to cracks, generally also need to heat treatment to meet the processing requirements. And due to welding conditions, the internal easy to produce pores, slag and other secondary defects.

  TIG welding: precision Machinery Castingss (alloy steel, stainless steel precision Machinery Castings), aluminum alloy die Machinery Castings use of argon arc welding machine welding. Part of the Mold manufacturing and repair manufacturers, but also the use of the welding machine repair mold defects.

  (1) Advantages: high welding efficiency, precision higher than the welding machine. More types of welding wire, stainless steel, aluminum alloy products on the most widely used Can be used for welding, strength to teach high.

  (2) Disadvantages: for defect repair, small defects repair (stomata, trachoma), due to the impact is too large, there are traces of the pool edge. Welding steel has a hard spot. Due to heat effects, welding of colored Machinery Castingss or thin-walled parts, easy to produce heat distortion. Operational requirements are higher.

  3. Cold welding machine

  Is the beginning of the 21st century, the birth of the new repair technology, welding process due to the workpiece heat is very small, was a cold welder. After several years of development, welding machine application direction and technology have been a great development, has been in the repair market occupies a large share. In accordance with the repair product categories are: placement machine and EDM repair welding machine.

  4. Mounter

  The use of instantaneous high-frequency discharge principle will paste (0.05-0.20mm) paste to the workpiece surface, the maximum thickness of each paste with the thickness of the same weld, welding quality depends on the discharge is uniform. Suitable for workpiece wear, processing tolerance repair, in the mold market has a certain influence. The machine can also be welding powder (or processing waste), filled into the defect (such as trachoma), after the discharge repair. After repair the workpiece color is small. The disadvantage is that the speed of repair is slower.

  The common drawback of cold welding machine and placement machine is that welding efficiency is not as high as that of welding machine and argon arc welding machine, but its outstanding advantages make people prefer cold welding when repairing millimeter defect and processing surface defect.

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