Maintenance and maintenance methods of punch

Maintenance and maintenance methods of punching machine

   Punch is a kind of equipment that is often used in industrial production. Although this equipment has excellent performance, various failures will occur after a long time of use. To ensure that the equipment can be used normally and to extend the service life of the equipment, we need to pay attention to its care and maintenance during daily use. The editor introduces the following maintenance and maintenance techniques for everyone, let’s take a look!
  1. Punching machine appearance, foundation tightening screw locking inspection, level inspection.
  2. The lubricating oil pump is working normally and the oil pressure switch is working.
  3. The air system can regulate pressure, filter and supply oil.
  4. The upper and lower limits of the slider can be adjusted normally.
  5. Check the movement status of the balance cylinder.
  6. Add grease to the lubrication points of each part of the transmission system.
   7. Clearance confirmation of clutch and brake parts, abnormal sound check.
   8. Electrical circuit and operation panel circuit, safety circuit inspection.
   9. Remove the upper cover of the gear transmission box to check the tooth surface and noise, and check the oil level.
  10. Check the accuracy of the whole machine (perpendicularity, parallelism, comprehensive clearance, etc.).
   When we use the punching machine daily, we must pay attention to the inspection work, and the above points must be done during the operation. If the equipment is found to be malfunctioning, we must stop the work in time and check the malfunction. The place where the scalp occurs can only be used again after the fault is resolved.

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